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Crossword: Dancing buildings and disappearing stairs... Machu Picchu's mysteries still astound

Gulf News 20 Jan 2022
Nestled high in the Peruvian Andes lie the ruins of an ancient civilisation – Machu Picchu. Click start to play today’s Crossword, which features this historic citadel in one of its clues. The sanctuary of Machu Picchu was built over 500 years ago ... 1 ... 2 ... This kind of construction had a huge benefit for the ancient citadel ... 3. Incredible views ... 4 ... .

What lies in the way of North Macedonia’s EU membership?

Al Jazeera 20 Jan 2022
Under premier Nikola Gruevski, the grandson of Greek communist exiles, North Macedonia claimed descent from ancient Macedonian kings Philip II and Alexander the Great, whose palaces are in the northern Greek region of Macedonia ... North Macedonia relinquished claims to “ancient Hellenic civilisation, history, culture and heritage” in article 7.

Iran seeks 'maximum interaction' with world, allies: President Raisi in Duma

Irna 20 Jan 2022
I am very glad that in the programmes of this trip, there was an opportunity to attend the State Duma and meet with you, the representatives of the people with the ancient culture and civilisation of Russia ... nations and the increasing formation of a "civilised global community".

Haryana, Himachal to sign MoU on plan to revive Saraswati river

Indian Express 19 Jan 2022
We are trying to develop site-specific tourist spots in various cities, the CM said, adding, “I have requested the Centre to sanction a direct corridor from Delhi to Rakhigarhi so that those interested in heritage and ancient civilisations can have an easy access.”.

Ancient Civilisations - Brien Foerster (2013)

Bitchute 18 Jan 2022
Go to the source via the article link to view the video ....

Historical Saidpur village attracts visitors

The News International 18 Jan 2022
The historical Saidpur model village is attracting a large number of visitors featuring footprints of various civilisations including Ashoka, Mughal, Buddhist, Greek and Gandhara ... He said that hundreds of tourists visit the village daily to enjoy a wide and varied spectrum of quaint buildings showcasing ancient civilizations.

MeetingPoint Hotels Egypt focuses on ensuring safety of guests, delivering the best service: General Manager

Egypt Commercial News 18 Jan 2022
Egypt enjoys various fields of tourism attraction; the most important are archaeological or cultural tourism, where the landmarks of ancient civilisations are visible to the naked eye, said Hedi Ben Aissa, the General Manager at MeetingPoint Hotels (MPH) Egypt.

GIFs Are For Boomers Now, Sorry

Vice 17 Jan 2022
Everett Yang was sorting through the files on their computer when they came across an ancient artefact ... They were amused; they were embarrassed; it was a bit like finding an old diary ... GIF folders were used by ancient civilisations as a way to store and catalogue animated pictures that were once employed to convey emotion ... Nicoletta Belardinelli.

‘Antigone is a Greta Thunberg of her time – a self-sacrificing heroine who stands up for what she believes’

Irish Independent 16 Jan 2022
... the Classics are today one of the most potent canvases on which to project the conundrums, injustices, and fears of modern life.“If you’re talking about the culture and civilisation of ancient Rome and Greece, they’re completely different to ours.

The battle of belonging

The Wire Network 16 Jan 2022
Even in the United States, government buildings built in the likeness of ancient Greek architecture establish an inaccurate continuity from the Greek to modern Western civilisation.

New Rome by Paul Stephenson review — how a mighty empire came to an end

The Times/The Sunday Times 15 Jan 2022
Historians love pollution. It provides valuable clues to the nature of ancient civilisations ... “New scientific approaches are transforming our understanding of all past civilisations,” Paul Stephenson writes.

Vignettes from PM Modi’s birthplace, Vadnagar

Deccan Chronicle 15 Jan 2022
Incidentally, Vadnagar (named after the Banyan tree), which was regarded as a prominent region in the ancient civilisation, was known by different names, including Chamatkarpur, Anandapur, Anarthapur and Vruddhanagar across different eras ... architecture of ancient Gujarat kingdoms.

The 2,500-year-old 'BIONIC' armour: Rare military garment that used 'fish-like scales' to protect its wearer ...

The Daily Mail 14 Jan 2022
The ancient leather shed armour with fish-like scales has been dated to the period between 786 and 543 BC ... Ancient humans DID begin hunting two million years ago as... Alongside other Mesopotamian groups like ancient Babylon and the Sumerian cities, the Assyrian Empire was one of the earliest civilisations in history.

Tented love: how Senegal created a spectacular new African architecture

Democratic Underground 13 Jan 2022
Visiting the International Fair of Dakar is like taking a stroll through the ruins of some ancient Toblerone-worshipping civilisation ... tradition and drawing from African civilisation, particularly Sudano-Sahelian traditions, “without wavering from the requirements of modernity”.

China was a sustainability pioneer, learning early that human exploitation of nature should be synchronised ...

South China Morning Post 13 Jan 2022
... naught.The ancient and precocious Chinese civilisation learned and applied the concept of… .