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Ancient Mayan city discovered in remote jungle that was previously 'impossible' to find

The Independent 27 May 2023
... have been discovered in the remote El Mirador jungle Guatemala, and it’s changing our entire understanding of the ancient civilisation.

New Parliament tomorrow; Congress, BJP spar over ceremonial sceptre

Indian Express 26 May 2023
Sharing the video, Modi tweeted ... The overall design and aesthetics of the premises draws from ancient Indian culture and iconography, said sources. According to sources, while the old Parliament was inspired by British architecture and symbolism, the idea behind the new complex was to reference ancient Indian civilisation and ethos ... .

Have You Fallen For The Fake 'Adam And Eve' Climate Change Theory?

Huffington Post 26 May 2023
Earth's magnetic fields have nothing to do with climate change, according to specialists ... Anyway, Thomas – reportedly a former US Air Force employee – claimed that the Earth’s magnetic poles flip every few thousand years by 90 degrees, and that’s why various ancient civilisations have been wiped out ... Rogan asked his guest ... He added ... NASA explained ... .

Desecration of memorials to martyrs: Nation will not forgive, forget, says COAS

The News International 26 May 2023
Addressing the students, the PPP chairman said that we are the heirs of a rich and diverse civilisation. “We are the heirs of the ancient Indus Valley civilization, the gateway of Islam to Asia and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of our nation who has the unique privilege ...

What Mohenjodaro\u2019s Dancing Girl figurine tells us about the prehistoric civilisation

Indian Express 25 May 2023
While sites and artefacts from the civilisation were in discussion since the early nineteenth century, it was not until the 1920s that they were correctly dated and recognised as part of a full-fledged ancient civilisation, much like the ones in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

An encyclopedia in stone, a region's rich heritage

Deccan Herald 25 May 2023
... is a treasure trove of ancient artefacts and sculptures ... Over time, Aihole emerged as an important archaeological site, unveiling numerous temples, sculptures and inscriptions (including the Meguti inscription) that provide invaluable insights into ancient Indian civilisation.

The History of Currency Counterfeiting and Evolution of Counterfeiting Offences

Sydney Criminal Lawyers 25 May 2023
All of the mentioned items have been used as currency throughout the world ... Head ... First global currency ... The exception ... Lydia, the ancient land of western Anatolia was a monarchy first ruled by king Manes and subsequently the legendary king Gyges and was an ancient iron age kingdom. As a civilisation it was around from approximately 1200 BC to 546 BC.

Total War: PHARAOH - Official Announcement Trailer

Gamespot 24 May 2023
Can you stand against the collapse of a civilisation? Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the zenith of its power and experience the events that threaten its destruction in Total War. PHARAOH - coming October 2023 ... .

A journey through 125,000 years of Omani history at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum

The National 24 May 2023
Sharjah Archaeology Museum’s current exhibition, Omani Civilisation ... ancient artefacts and its significance in the region.

Against the stream: Iraq artist battles to save boating tradition

Manila Standard 24 May 2023
To prove that the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley were in contact across the seas, they embarked on a 143-day voyage spanning 6,800 kilometers, from Iraq through the Gulf and the Arabian Sea to Pakistan and on to Djibouti.

Night At Auckland Museum Returns

Scoop 23 May 2023
... life and open the door to an ancient civilisation.

This London Fine Line Tattoo Artist Is Beckham-Approved

Vogue 23 May 2023
He began his career in Peru, where he lived in a slum as a teenager. “I bought my own tattoo machine and started practising on my friends,” he says, recalling how he used to charge 10 pesos (around 50p) to tattoo people on a favela football pitch ... “They were used by ancient civilisations for identification purposes ... .

The West by Naoíse Mac Sweeney: Notions of primacy dismantled as ‘morally bankrupt fiction’

The Irish Times 22 May 2023
“What do you think of western civilisation?” an English journalist asks Gandhi in a widely shared but probably apocryphal anecdote ... Mac Sweeney is a classical archaeologist and she begins in the ancient world, with Herodotus, whose Histories have “provided a founding charter for Western Civilisation”.

Boating tradition struggles to survive in drought-stricken Iraq

The Arab Weekly 22 May 2023
Declining rain as well as upstream dams have reduced the flow of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers where ancient civilisations flourished ... To prove that the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley were in contact across the seas, they embarked on a 143-day ...

From Love to Work and Play: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Streets 18 May 2023
Spanning over 3,000 years, ancient Egyptian civilisation stretched from the north of what is known today as Syria, to the south of modern-day Sudan in its heyday ... In ancient Egyptian civilisation, like many ancient civilisations including the Incas, marriage among siblings was permitted ... Naturally, job hunting did not exist during ancient times.

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